I did try to warn you.

Choose books carefully.

The new teacher clicked with the students.

What we need now is a quiet place to sit and talk.

Not all species of spiders are poisonous.

She got a new pair of glasses.


Where to go and what to see were my primary concerns.

The deadlock was inevitable.

I like the actor.

Do you think I look like my brother?

I'll be glad if you will help me.


It is our obligation to help.

Please get to work.

Lum has already started.

What is the maximum dosage for an adult?

English is the language of the world.

Don't give me such a sad look.

We're doing all we can to make sure it doesn't happen again.

We decided on a trip to Singapore for our vacation.

Bill will come later.

Have you finished reading the book of Jobs?

It's disconcerting.

Nothing ever seems to happen around here.

Donal still hasn't responded.

I do not object to your learning English for the sake of acquiring knowledge or for the sake of earning your livelihood but I object to your giving so much importance to English and giving a low place to your national language, Hindi. I do not think it is right on your part to use in your conversation with your friends and relatives any other language than your national language or your mother tongue. Have love for your own language.

Bill took his brother to the zoo.


How long have you had it?

There are approximately 2 million words in the dictionary.

I want to thank you for helping us get that done.


You're a mess.

Arnold's friends called him Mr Money Bags.

You need to start saving for retirement now.

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Erik won't talk.


They're inquisitive.

He is a genius.

I like fish.

Everybody has a scheme for perfecting the world.

I'm beginning to see why you like this game so much.

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Where did the tragedy occur?

I don't know Amir well enough to dislike him yet.

That's not how you get things done around here.

Jennifer lit the candles on the cake.

I thought you might get cold, so I brought a jacket.


I thought I had been cut from the team.


This machine is inferior to that one in durability.

Switzerland was neutral in the war.

It has nothing to do with the subject we are discussing.


You sure gab a lot don't you? You're a natural born talker.

Canada is a large country.

Jose looks pretty miserable.

The crowd acclaimed the new king.

Mikey realized what was up.

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I don't color their drawings.

Let's play a game of Tute!

Aren't you curious?

He has one kid.

How do you get downtown from here?

Dr. Yukawa played an important part in the scientific study.

They never get old.


We should stick together.

My father will cook me a delicious meal tomorrow morning.

I was asked to fix the bicycle.

Something isn't right.

It's not all that complicated.

Do you have something stronger to drink?

Laurie ate the salad.

I don't know why it should matter.

I haven't read all of these books.

Would you please show me your photo album?

Can you tell Jane from her twin sister?

It still happens from time to time.

We'll talk soon.


How did you get to know that person?


We won the contest.

It is believed that Robbin is good at tennis.

War is mankind's most tragic and stupid folly; to seek or advise its deliberate provocation is a black crime against all men.

Leif is the only one who can tell us what we need to know.

I don't eat breakfast.

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Chuck often writes to the editor of the local newspaper about issues of concern to his community.

First day of school starts Monday.

They told me I should go to the doctor.

It's no secret Mitch and Jiri have problems.

I beg you to help me.


There was a large audience at the piano recital last night.

Some athletes sweat more than others.

If only I could go skiing.

I don't think it's a coded message.

She forced him to eat his vegetables.

Will Mr Oka teach English?

Did you really think that was what Sherri wanted?

A cow is a useful animal.

That's so sweet.

It is neither good nor bad.

Why is he angry?

I'm staying right here.

Do you ever get the feeling that your sentences have been going largely unnoticed?

Though it was the original, Amsterdam, and York, were beaten by New York.

I know what it was.

I'm not heating your house.

I'd rather be poor than rich.


They aren't children any more, but not adults yet.

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Do you still have family in Boston?

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Just staying alive in these times is hard enough.

Stuart breaks the rules.

He hadn't realized his mistake until it was too late.

I'm not sure Space would help.

I always catch colds in the winter.

Mariou complained that he had been treated unfairly.

I can work late.

He can do it better than I can.

There's so much to say.


They're going to hang him.


The nail went through the wall.

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His record is a new world record in the 100-meter dash.

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Hand me that wrench.

She cleared the dishes from the table after dinner.

She ordered him to do it.

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I want to travel to Australia.

You can't make me do anything I don't want to do.

I didn't understand the purpose of the question at all.

Timothy knew better than to ask Piotr such a stupid question.

Try to see the problem from her point of view.

China has launched the world's first quantum satellite.

Saad heard Mike's voice.

I just don't know how I will be able to meet all my deadlines!

I used to go to the baker's.


I get bored quickly in everything I do.

He's always busy.

Moreover it's difficult to get rubbish out for garbage day because the collection time is too early.

I'm touched by your concern.

Those who are present are all Japanese.

I'm off.

No one told me.

I can't make it this time.

Should I wait?

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No pets allowed.

This is the book about which I told you.

All I want is peace and quiet.

It's necessary for us to sleep well.

As compared with his, my collection is nothing.


I let my friends down.

Merat didn't obey his parents.

The problem is that Adlai thinks he's better than Erick.

With great effort I held his eyelids open with my fingers and dropped in the eye medicine.

Get out of my house and never come back.

Your breath stinks.

He showed what he meant.

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Save it on the external hard drive.

I don't think my life is boring.

Which of these rackets is yours?

When I lived in Boston, I rode my bicycle every day.

I do think I understand.

He is intent on advertising himself.

That child dug a tunnel in the sandpit.

His happiness lasted only a short time.

I'll send a message to them.

Sriram is definitely not stupid. He's just lazy.

A cat was sharpening its claws against a post.

It's a dog and pony show.

Tell Alvin what's going on.

Your history teacher would be proud.

I got your address from him.

The drain is clogged again.

It's going to rain soon.


Who are you there with?

Huskies love cold weather.

Try to convince him to help us.

Everybody is looking for Liyuan.

Can you pay off your loans in a year?

Ahmet bought way too much milk.

What did I tell you about that?